William S. Scully
Scully Transportation Services

I’ve had a close real estate investment relationship with Paul Dunlap and his company for over 12 years. During that time, I’ve made four substantial investments with Paul, and he has taken over the direct management of an apartment building that I own. I continue to be impressed with the capabilities and insight of Paul, and his selection of investments for his clients, as well as the ongoing decisions that he makes regarding the management of those properties. I observe Paul to be a professional and talented real estate investment partner, with a special talent in the actual selection of the real estate investment and the enhancement of it that begins almost immediately after purchase. The bottom line is that Paul does whatever needs to be done to improve an investment and make it more valuable. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a very important business associate of mine. There’s no question he’s very special.

Bill McGarvey, Investor

Paul Dunlap is very knowledgeable, and I am totally confident in his ability and integrity. He’s also available when you want to talk to him, which is a big plus, and he does what he says he’ll do. I was introduced to Paul through a friend who had invested with him, and I have been impressed with what he’s done for me. I have the utmost respect for Paul. My experience with him has been phenomenal.

Dick and Fran Kopp, Investors

We think so highly of Paul Dunlap, and financially, he’s been a blessing to us. We met Paul in the mid-1990s, and at that time we were getting fed up with managing our own properties, to the point of potentially selling them off. Paul put together an initial investment deal for us that also involved property management, and that worked out so well that we’ve made other investments with him since then. Our experience with Paul has been excellent. We haven’t had a moment’s regret. He’s always available to talk to, and is committed to managing a first class building, In this day and age, he’s a real gem.

Stuart Maginnis D.D.S.
Paul Dunlap has handled my investments for over 14 years. Every investment I’ve made with him has been exactly in line with my own personal and financial needs. He seems to find just the right properties, and also the right investment partners, that are in line with my long-term financial goals. I trust Paul with my investments.

Ulrich and Amalie Stenzel, Investors
We have been investing with Paul Dunlap for many years now, and are very pleased with the properties he has found for us, and also with the management and upgrading of those properties. All of our properties are in substantially better shape now than when we first bought them, and that is due to the excellent management services that Paul’s company provides. Paul is an expert in his field, and we are very happy to know him and do business with him. We believe anyone would be in good hands with Paul.